We support you with all our strength to make your vision a reality!

We provide entrepreneurs with the capital and strategic support they need to achieve their goals. Our principle is capital by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We support the entrepreneurial personalities who have consciously decided to become self-employed. No time pressure, no quarterly thinking, no financial acrobatics. We want to help entrepreneurs to create long-term value. We know from our own experience that the success of a long-term growth strategy cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time, determination, perseverance – and sustainable financing!

Entrepreneurial capital consists primarily of equity capital; however, depending on the initial situation, a proportionate amount of debt financing may also make sense. The development of the optimal financial structure in each case and support in the implementation of their growth strategies are always in focus.

We are convinced:
The decisive capital for entrepreneurs is not in the bank account, but in their heads. We therefore accompany investments not only with capital, but also with ideas, entrepreneurial freedom and patience, with active strategic support, with our experience with growth processes and company integrations, and with our large network.